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Free Bluebird House Plans
**First start by reading over all the steps needed to complete this project.**

(You may want to cut  your board in a different order than shown below.)

Begin by cutting all of your pieces to size.  
When you have finished cutting all your pieces.

You will then be ready to start drilling the entry and pilot holes.
With a 1/8 drill bit per drill the front,back and roof of your house.

Next mark and drill the entry hole using a 1 3/8 hole saw bit.
Now your ready to start putting it all together!

Keeping them flush (even) at the bottom.

You will notice that the front will be 1/4" longer than the sides.

Nail through your predrilled holes and fasten on the left side.
For the right side you should only have one hole predrilled at the top.
(This will let the side open for easy cleaning!)

Keep the bottoms flush and drive a nail through your pilot hole.

The next step will be to attach the bottom.

When fastening the bottom you should have about an 1/8" gap on either side.
(centered between sides)
This will provide adequate drainage and help with ventilation.

After your all lined up go ahead and fasten on the bottom.
Now that you have the main frame of the house together lets put on the back!

When attaching the back be sure to start by lining up
the two predrilled holes for the bottom.
(This will align the rest of your holes)

When you have centered the bottom over your holes
you can go ahead and fasten it down.

From here its pretty easy!

Just flush up the sides and fasten.

One last step and your done!

The last step is to attach the roof.

Keeping everything flush.
Drive in the two nails to fasten the roof to the front.

(Make sure to center the roof over your pilot holes before nailing from the back.)
(Keeping that 1/4" vent gap all the way across.)

Two more nails from the back and your done!
  • 14---Nails or Screws

  • Hammer
  • Saw
  • Drill
  • 1/8" drill bit
  • 1 3/8" drill bit                 
    (hole saw)
  • Novice
Time to Complete
  • 30 min.